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Club Rules

Missionview Saddle Club

Gymkhana Committee



It shall be the purpose of the Association to promote the riding in gymkhanas as a legitimate field of equine competition, to encourage good sportsmanship and family participation.  To this end, the Association is charged with the following.

1.  The setting of standards by which each sanctioned gymkhana will be conducted.

2.  The assignment of duties for each job classification necessary in the production of a gymkhana.

3.  The establishment of rules and patterns for each event considered by the Association to be acceptable gymkhana events and to rule on new events when submitted.

4.  The writing of rules by which the contestants shall compete.

5.  The writing of rules for conduct in and around the arena.

6.  Establishing age divisions.

7.  To establish a point system for determining the over-all winners.

8.  To establish a dress code for contestants.

9.  The sanctioning of arena judges.

10.  The insistence of safe and humane handling of the horse at all times, both in and out of the gymkhana arena.

 Age Divisions

14 & Under, 15-24, 25 & Over.  Age is determined by the contestant’s age as of January 1st of the current year.

Age groups for the State Show are contrary to change.

Point System

Any contestant finishing first, second, third, fourth or fifth in an event will receive points at the following ratio:  First-5 points, Second-4 points, Third-3 points, Fourth-2 points, and Fifth-1 point.  Each contestant’s points for all events will be tallied at the end of the gymkhana to determine high point winner in each age group. 

Note from the point system: You will receive Bonus Points (one point per event ridden) to accumulate for awards and then total all points for Overall winner.

Dress Code

Contestants must wear shirt or blouse, long trousers, and boots with clearly defined heels. The wearing of a hat is optional. Additional safety equipment is recommended.


  1. Safety                                                 3. Fairness

  1. Organization                                     4. Courtesy

President:  The president will be a member of the sponsoring organization. The obtaining of the arena shall also be his/her responsibility. The president will acquire and maintain a full crew. The president will coordinate the efforts of the crew to the safe and satisfactory production of the gymkhana. The president may assign people to assist in specific duties, such as: awards, queen contests, entertainment, concessions, etc. The president is responsible for the production of the gymkhana. The president must have the full support of the sponsoring organization.

Vice President:  The vice president is responsible for coordinating the setup of the arena for each event.  The vice president shall also fill in for the President when the President is unable to attend an event or meeting.

Treasurer:  The treasurer is responsible for processing all funds pertaining to the club.              

Secretary:  The secretary is responsible for all entries and for having the information transferred to proper forms before gymkhana date. The secretary is responsible for having all forms, clipboards, and other office supplies on hand at the gymkhana. The secretary will work closely with the president.

Announcer:  The announcer shall be a person familiar with gymkhanas. He/she will announce each contestant's name in proper order. At the end of a qualified run, he/she will announce the contestant's time. The announcer will gather the background information from each contestant's entry form prior to the beginning of the gymkhana. The announcer may use this information to add interest. He/she is responsible for keeping the gymkhana moving and on schedule.

Time Keeper:  The gymkhana will be timed with an electric timer. The timekeeper must be experienced in operating the electric timer. The timekeeper will operate the timer. The timekeeper will wait for the arena judge's decision on the contestant's run. If the contestant has not been disqualified, the timekeeper will relay the time to the announcer and time recorder. Remain alert and attentive to duties at all times.

Time Recorder:  Upon receiving a contestant's official time from the timekeeper, the recorder will enter that time on the forms provided by the secretary. Accuracy and legibility are essential.

Point Keeper:  The point keeper is responsible for recording the points earned by each placing contestant. The point keeper, after receiving the time forms from the time recorder, transfers the names and points of the placing contestants to the point tally sheet. Accuracy is essential.

Gate Person:  The gate person will open and close the gate for each contestant. He/she will check for proper attire as established by MVSC prior to a contestant entering the arena. He/she will also observe the tack being used to determine if it meets humanitarian standards as set forth in the rules. He/she may refuse entry to any contestant whose apparel or tack does not comply with the rules. He/she may also bar entry of any animal for lameness or illness. He/she should inform the judge if any contestant is found to not have his/her horse under control while in the staging area or while entering the gate for his/her run. When two gates are used, one for entry and one for exit, one of the arena crew may operate the exit gate. All gates will remain closed until the contestant has completed his/her run.

Arena Director and Crew:  The arena director is in charge of setting up all the arena equipment and its proper placement for each event. He/she is in charge of the arena crew (preferably three or more) who will assist him/her. He/she will make sure all equipment needed for the day's activities is on hand and in good repair with extra equipment in case of breakage. His/her duties will include setting up the public address system and the electric timer. The director and crew shall be posted outside the arena during a contestant's run. They should be posted so entry into the arena can be made quickly for the resetting and changing of equipment.

Arena Judge:  The arena judge shall rule on each contestant's run and make his/her decision known to the timekeeper. He/she shall judge according to the rules set by MVSC. He/she shall be the highest authority in attendance at the gymkhana. His/her rulings are not open to challenge. The arena judge shall be posted outside the arena at a point that gives him/her a clear field of vision of the entry area, preferably higher than the area fence. The arena judge will be supplied with a stopwatch and will be responsible for timing each contestant's run. Any contestant not starting the timer 60 seconds after his/her second call will be disqualified. The arena judge will not engage in conversation with anyone other than those persons in the announcer's stand, gate person, and arena director during the gymkhana. He/she will give each contestant his/her full attention from the time they enter the gate until he or she has exited. He/she will judge fairly and impartially.




1)       Every participant agrees to ride and abide by MVSC rules.  (A copy of the MVSC rules will be posted at the announcer stand.)

2)       All entries must be signed by the contestant and the contestant’s birthday must be given.  Proof of age must be provided if requested by an official.  In case of a minor, (under 18 years) the entry form must be signed by a parent or guardian.  Age is determined by your age as of January 1st of the current year.

3)       Contestants may not enter an event more than once, even given that they are riding a different horse.  At no time may a contestant compete against himself/herself on the same horse. 

4)       Age groups shall conform to the age divisions set by MVSC which shall be:  14 & Under, 15-24, 25 & Over.

5)       An age group shall have 5 contestants entered in all the gymkhana events to be considered a class.  An age group not having 5 contestants will be combined with the next oldest age group.  Points will be recalculated for year end awards within the age group.

6)       Monthly show payout will pay one place to every 5 contestants.  Only contestants entered in all the gymkhana events will be counted.

7)       The arena judge is the final authority or the president of MVSC if a judge is not appointed. 

8)       Should any questions or disputes arise not provided for in the governing rules, the same shall be referred to the arena judge, whose decision shall be final for the duration of the gymkhana. The judge’s recommendation shall be forwarded to the rules committee for further consideration.

9)       A contestant lodging a protest must first deposit $25 cash or certified check with the secretary of the gymkhana, which sum will be forfeited if protest is not sustained.  Protest in writing, signed by the contestant, and filed with the secretary within 24 hours after the occurrence of the alleged violation.  All protests will be handled according to the by-laws of MVSC.

10)   Disqualification shall result if after entering the arena, the rider spurs, strikes or beats the horse in any manner forward of the cinch.  However, the judge will be instructed to allow humane hand cues and a rewarding pat.  HUMANE HAND CUE:  touching is allowed, no reaching to slap, strike or whip will be allowed.

11)   Any contestant not following exact pattern will be disqualified

12)   In case of timer failure on a good run the contestant will be given up to two re-rides or until the timer works correctly.

13)   A rider must have control of his/her horse from the time he/she enters the arena until he/she exits the arena.  Examples of loss of control include getting or falling of the horse whether purposeful or not prior to, during or after a ride, dropping the reins after the completion of a run (safety concern) , running through or into the gate upon entry or exit from the arena(safety concern).   Violations of this rule are left up to the Judge’s discretion.

14)   For safety and in fairness to the competitors, spectators shall be required to remain in authorized areas and away from the arena fences.

15)   A shirt, long pants and boots with clearly defined heel must be worn.

16)    A western saddle or speed competition saddle and a single roping rein (no split reins) shall be used.

17)   Excessive punishment for a horse at any time shall result in disqualifications for the duration of the gymkhana.

18)   Equipment used in such a way as to cause excessive pain or injury to an animal is prohibited.  Such equipment includes, but is not limited to: wire aids, head-ache chains, cables and sharpened spurs.  Violation will result in disqualification for the duration of the gymkhana.

19)   An act of discourtesy or disobedience to any gymkhana official in or out of the arena may result in disqualification for that event.

20)   The use of profanity by any contestant in the arena will result in disqualification for that event.

21)   No unauthorized persons shall be allowed in the arena during an event. 

22)   If tack or equipment should break or the horse should cast a shoe while negotiating the course and the difficulty prevents the completion of the ride, the rider shall receive no time and no re-rides.

23)   In running off a tie in an event, if the first rider breaks the pattern or knocks over equipment, the second rider must ride within 5/10 of a second of his/her original time.

24)   A flip of a coin by the arena judge will break a tie for high point trophy if it meets the approval of the contestants.  If not, the bowtie event will be run as the tie breaker.  Times will be given after each rider’s run in the event of any ties.

25)   The management reserves the right to remove a horse and /or rider from the gymkhana without recourse.

26)   Points go to the rider so a different horse can be used for each event.

27)   At the end of each disqualified run the announcer will announce why the rider was disqualified per the judge and a would-have-been time will be given if the pattern was run correctly.  This is left up to the judge’s discretion.  No re-rides will be given for disqualified times even if the time is not available.

28)   Any protests about points should be made as soon as the show is over.  No late protest will be allowed.

29)   The MVSC committee is to check out the arena prior to the show and inform gate personnel of the rules.

30)   Year end awards will be given to riders with the most accumulated points in each age group.  These points will include all shows ran during the year.

31)   No rider can intentionally interfere with any prop about to be knocked down.

32)   Line judges will be used for any event requiring small barrels.  Line judges will be chosen by the gymkhana judge.  The MVSC Gymkhana Committee will supply a list of the qualified line judges for the gymkhana judge to choose from.

33)   A contestant shall have 60 seconds (1 minute) from the time of his/her second gate call to start the timer.  Failure to do so will result in a disqualification for that event.  A stopwatch will be used by the MVSC judge to determine infractions of this rule. 

34)   Any prop changes must be approved by the MVSC Gymkhana Committee prior to the start of any MVSC gymkhana.

35)   Knocking down of any props will be a no time instead of a five second penalty in all events.  Pattern must be run correctly to receive a time.

36)   The Gymkhana Committee consists of the elected officers.

37)   Jackpot times cannot be rolled over to age group times.

38)   A horse can be assisted into the arena by a person or another horse.  The assisting person or assisting horse may not stay in the arena while the run is being made.

39)   The order of running will be the same order for the duration of the show.

40)   The two day show will consist of 8 events.  Barrels and Bowtie will be run, plus 6 other events that will be hand drawn from the MVSC rule book.

41)   A high point belt buckle instead of a saddle will be rewarded at the year end for any age group that does not have five riders or more in the age group competing in all regular events for at least 75 % of the shows.

42)   In order to be nominated as royalty for Missionview Saddle Club the rider must have been a member of the club for 2 years and be a member in current good standing.

43)   To be eligible for year end awards a rider must have competed 75% of the shows for the year.  If a show is rained out and no events are completed then the show will not count towards the total number of shows for the year.  If a show is rained out and some of the events are completed then the show will count towards the year total, however, the rider must have entered all the events with the intention of riding for the show to count as a completed show for the rider.

44)   Any entrant who has a check returned to MVSC will be fined $25 for each check.  The fine and check must be pain in cash before the entrant is allowed to enter the next show.  All subsequent entries must be paid in cash.

45)   An individual under the age of 18 must purchase a family membership in order to be a member of the club.

46)   Newsletters will be available electronically on MVSC’s website at missionviewsaddleclub.com.