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Our February Show!

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Books:    Open at 9:30 am

Barrel Time Onlys:     Run from 9:30 am - 10:45 am

4D Barrels:    Run immediately after rake at 11:00 am

Gymkhana:    Run after 4D Barrels

WHERE: Schulz Arena

12000 S Old Nogales Hwy. Tucson, AZ


  • Barrels
  • Big M
  • Double Figure 8
  • Tailspin


  • Buckaroo
  • 14 & Under
  • 15-24
  • 25 & Over


Congratulations 2022 Winners!


  • Koey Klopfenstein
  • Harper Ybarra
  • Nathan Newman
  • Paisley Newman
  • Charmayne Rogers
  • Mythius Perez
14 & Under

High Point- Taylor Horne 113 pts
Runner Up-  Paisley Klopfenstein  99 pts
Third Place- Mesablue Ybarra 79 pts
Fourth Place- Gianna Justice  70 pts
Fifth Place- Brighton Olayver  61 pts
Sixth Place- Izzy Graham-Scott  36 pts
Seventh Place- Bay Jenkins  33 pts

High Point- Caulina McNabb  136 pts
Runner Up-  Savannah Kelley  91 pts
Third Place- Mystry Rossa  67 pts
Fourth Place- 
Fifth Place- 

25 & Over

High Point-  Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  138 pts

Runner Up- Bryn Fox (Honey)  126 pts

Third Place- Dana Casebolt  pts

Fourth Place- Victoria Payne 12 pts

Fifth Place-  

Gymkhana Fast Times

Flag Race- 
Double Figure 8- 
Barrel Bending- 
4D Barrel Race





February News

Welcome 2023!!  Let's try this again.  Unfortunately our January show was canceled due to weather, so welcome to February and the beginning of our 2023 year.  We want to thank everyone for making 2022 an exceptional year for Missionview.  We are still working on when we will hold our awards banquet.  

Our board members for 2023 will be President-Bryn Fox, Vice President-Kayla Klopfenstein, Treasurer-Dana Casebolt, and Secretary-Hailie Ybarra.  A huge thank you to these members and their families that step up each month to make sure Missionview happens! 

Ride safe and be healthy.