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Our February Show!

Sunday, February 6, 2022 

Books:    Open at 9:30 am

Barrel Time Onlys:     Run from 9:30 am - 10:45 am

4D Barrels:    Run immediately after rake at 11:00 am

Gymkhana:    Run after 4D Barrels

WHERE: Schulz Arena

12000 S Old Nogales Hwy. Tucson, AZ


  • Barrels
  • Big M
  • Double Figure 8
  • Scurry


  • Buckaroo
  • 14 & Under
  • 15-24
  • 25 & Over


Congratulations December Winners!


  • Mythius Perez
  • Kensley Festerling
  • Harper Ybarra
  • Austinn Ybarra
  • Trevor Hawks
  • Izzy Graham-Scott
  • Charmayne Rogers
  • Nathan Newman
14 & Under

High Point- Dakota Hardy  22 pts
Runner Up-  Taylor Horne  21 pts
Third Place- Lilly Castro (Itty Bitty)  17 pts
Fourth Place- Savannah Kelley  10 pts
Fifth Place- Reneah Cortez-Walker & Lilly Castro (Gadget) 7 pts

High Point- Jamie Wagner  22 pts
Runner Up-  Caulina McNabb  17 pts 
Third Place- Mystry Rossa  16 pts 
Fourth Place- Anna Toia & Cristian Hernandez  10 pts
Fifth Place- A

25 & Over

High Point-  Melissa Rex (Quinn)  21 pts

Runner Up-  Bryn Fox (DeeDee)  18 pts

Third Place- Melissa Rex (Doc) 14 pts

Fourth Place-  Hailie Ybarra  12 pts

Fifth Place-  Corrina Rogers  9 pts

Gymkhana Fast Times

Barrels- Zenaida Oliver 17.993
Hourglass- Melissa Rex (Quinn)  19.615  
London Bridge- Caulina McNabb  10.371
Pylon- Taylor Horne  8.552
4D Barrel Race

  • Taylor Horne 17.438
  • Zenaida Oliver  18.243
  • Lexie O'Connell  18.728
  • Lilly Castro  19.778
February News

Welcome to 2022!  Our first show of the year will be February 6 as we unfortunately had to cancel our January show due to the wet weather. We will be holding our 2021 awards ceremony at our February show after the 4D barrels and before the start of the gymkhana.  

The only method of payment going forward will be cash or check.  Do not send your entry fees electronically, they will be returned.   

Congratulations to our 2021 Overall Winners

Koey Klopfenstein
Harper Rose Ybarra
Izzy Graham-Scott
Mythius Perez
Charmayne Rogers
Nathan Newman

14 & Under
1st- Taylor Horne 178 pts
2nd- Dakota Hardy  171 pts
3rd- Lilly Castro (Itty Bitty)  122 pts
4th- Reneah Cortez-Walker  74 pts
5th- Olivia Craig  61 pts
6th- Mesablu Ybarra  50 pts
7th- Paisley Klopfenstein  43 pts
8th- Isabella Cimino  39 pts

1st- Jamie Wagner  171 pts
2nd- Caulina McNabb (Delight)  122 pts
3rd- Mystry Rossa  104 pts
4th- Anna Toia  101 pts
5th- Kaitlyn DeSousa  88 pts

25 & Over
1st- Bryn Fox (DeeDee)  177 pts
2nd- Bryn Fox (Honey)  146 pts
3rd- Hailie Ybarra  129 pts
4th- Melissa Rex (Doc)  120 pts
5th- Melissa Rex (Quinn)  88 pts
6th- Corrina Rogers  71 pts
7th- Dana Casebolt  50 pts
8th- Mary Gardner  39 pts


Ride safe and be healthy.