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Our June Show!

Saturday, June 4, 2022 

Books:    Open at 5:00 pm

Barrel Time Onlys:     Run from 5:00 pm - 6:45 pm

4D Barrels:    Run immediately after rake at 7:00 pm

Gymkhana:    Run after 4D Barrels

WHERE: Schulz Arena

12000 S Old Nogales Hwy. Tucson, AZ


  • Barrels
  • Figure 8 Cowhorse
  • Mountain Cowhorse
  • Barrel Bending


  • Buckaroo
  • 14 & Under
  • 15-24
  • 25 & Over


Congratulations June Winners!


  • Koey Klopfenstein
14 & Under

High Point- Taylor Horne  24 pts
Runner Up-  Audrey Ellsworth  17 pts
Third Place- Mesablu Ybarra  13 pts
Fourth Place- Austyn Schmuker  12 pts
Fifth Place- Katelyn Nitkan 8 pts

High Point- Mystry Rossa  21 pts
Runner Up-  Savannah Kelley 19 pts 
Third Place- Montana Arnold & Ashley Werner  10 pts 
Fourth Place- 
Fifth Place- Brianna McBee  8 pts

25 & Over

High Point-  Mary Murphy  21 pts

Runner Up-  Bryn Fox (Honey)  17 pts

Third Place- Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  16 pts

Fourth Place-  Jamie Wagner  12 pts

Fifth Place-  Dana Casebolt  8 pts

Gymkhana Fast Times

Barrels- Mary Murphy 17.594
Speed Barrels- Jamie Wagner 9.793  
Tailspin- Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  9.413
Pylon- Taylor Horne  8.661
4D Barrel Race

  • Vee Golden   17.875
  • Rylee Kearns  18.476
  • Ashely Werner  19.322
  • Audrey Ellsworth  20.052
June News

Our 2 day gymkhana at the Pima County Fairgrounds on April 30 and May 1 was a huge success!!  Thank you to everyone that worked, participated or just came out to watch. We are forever in debt to Kim Gannon, Bobbie & Kenny White, and Tanner Henry for working the prize table and raffles.  It is an enormous job and they take care of it with ease.  We also are very grateful to have had Josephine Henry and our very own Kayla Klopfenstien on the microphone.  They kept everyone on their toes and the show running smoothly.  Also thank you Jim Casebolt for being the judge for the weekend, it is never an easy job.  Mike Murphy, Jon Klopfenstein and Michael Ybarra were phenomenal help both inside and outside the arena.  A huge thank you to Victoria Payne, Montana Arnold and Austin who donated their entire weekend to work the gate.  We quite literally couldn't have run without you!  

Congratulations to our State Show Winners!!

   Koey Klopfenstein
   Alexia Ortega
   Harper Ybarra
   Trevor Hawks
   Kinsley Knight
   Gunner Campbell
   Santiago Moreno
   Ryker Campbell
   Charmayne Rogers

10 & Under
1st Leah Fairweather. 33pts
2nd Mesablu Ybarra. 29pts
3rd Kenzie Kennedy. 27pts
4th Brighton Olayver  25pts
5th Brighton Olayver  24pts

1st (Tie) Tyra Starkey & Taylor Horne  42pts
3rd Xena Underwoood  27pts
4th Audrey Ellsworth  22pts
5th Dakota Hardy  19pts

1st Melissa Rex  46pts
2nd Audra Gardner 21 pts
3rd Hailie Ybarra  21 pts
4th Jamie Wagner  21 pts
5th (Tie) Riley Hurt & Ashley Warner

31 & Over
1st Bryn Fox 37pts
2nd Mary Murphy 34pts
3rd (Tie) Wendy Schaefer & Bryn Fox  21pts
5th Kelly Hiett  19pts

Fast Times
Barrels- Audra Gardner 18.256
Tailspin- Taylor Horne  9.525
Scurry- Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  9.377
Double Bowtie- Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  15.296

Horseshoe Barrels- Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  13.546
Speed Barrels- Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  9.817
Pylon- Taylor Horne  8.655
Bowtie- Tyra Starkey  11.208

The June Saturday show is our first night show of the year.  We are off in July and then will return in August. Our May show was a little lean, but those that showed had a fabulous time and we got out before the winds picked up!!

The only method of payment going forward will be cash or check.  Do not send your entry fees electronically, they will be returned. 

Ride safe and be healthy.