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Our June Show!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Books:    Open at 5 pm

Barrel Time Onlys:     Run from 5 pm - 6:45 pm

4D Barrels:    Run immediately after rake at 7 pm

Gymkhana:    Run after 4D Barrels

WHERE: Schulz Arena

12000 S Old Nogales Hwy. Tucson, AZ


  • Barrels
  • Speed Barrels
  • Big H
  • Keyhole Barrel


  • Buckaroo
  • 14 & Under
  • 15-24
  • 25 & Over


Congratulations May Winners!


  • Koey Klopfenstein
  • Mikenzie Silveira
  • Brooklyn Silveira
  • Isley Dietrich
14 & Under

High Point- Paisley Klopfenstein & Brie Dietrich 19 pts
Runner Up-  
Third Place- Izzy Graham-Scott  12 pts
Fourth Place- Aspen Dietrich 11 pts
Fifth Place- Bailey Johnson 10 pts


High Point- Kaitlyn Silveira 24 pts
Runner Up-  
Third Place-
Fourth Place- 
Fifth Place- 

25 & Over

High Point-  Bryn Fox (Honey) 24 pts

Runner Up- Kendra Smotherman 20 pts

Third Place- Dana Casebolt 12 pts

Fourth Place- Susan McManus 7 pts

Fifth Place-  Amber Houston  5 pts

Gymkhana Fast Times

Barrels- Andrea Faulkner 17.855
Quadrangle- Bryn Fox (Honey) 26.129
Open End Fig 8- Bryn Fox (Honey) 5.941
Mountain Cowhorse- Bryn Fox (Honey)  8.797
4D Barrel Race

  • Mesablu Ybarra 17.688
  • Austyn Schmuker 18.318
  • Andrea Faulkner 18.822
  • Kendra Smotherman 20.077
June News

Missionview Saddle Club 2022 2 Day Gymkhana at the Pima County Fairgrounds was a huge success.  Congratulations to our winners

Buckaroos - Koey Klopfenstein, Nathan Newman, Harper Ybarra, Ryker Cambpell, Paisley Crider, Lincoln Morgan, Kinsley Knight, Charmayne Rogers, Addalynn Jansen, Paisley Newman, Austinn Ybarra, Gunner Campbell, Kassie Crider

10 & Under - 1st - Paisley Klopfenstein 44 pts, 2nd - Mesablu Ybarra 34 pts, 3rd - Shelby Smotherman 32 pts, 4th - Bay Jenkins 28 pts, 5th - Hunter Campbell 16 pts
11-15 - 1st - Xena Underwood 38 pts, 2nd - Zova Ozment 26 pts, 3rd - Bailey Johnson 24 pts, 4th - Arianna Ybarra 24 pts, 5th - Rylee Rosky 19 pts
16-30 - 1st- Braelyn Ford 46 pts, 2nd - Corrina Rogers 38 pts, 3rd - Alyssa Yazzie 25 pts, 4th Tie - Sasha Middleton & Bailey Grubbs 18 pts
31 & Over - 1st - Bryn Fox (Honey) 35 pts, 2nd - Bryn Fox (Voodoo) 34 pts, 3rd - Victoria Payne 25 pts, 4th Tie - Jennifer Campbell & Lance Henry 20 pts

June is our first night show of the year.  We are also looking to do our Spring Tack Clean Out Fundraiser.  If you have any used/new tack that you don't want/use anymore, we would love to take it off your hands.  Just bring it to our June show and donate it to Missionview.  We will have a table set up for donated items.  If you see an item you could use, just put a donation in the can for the item.  All proceeds go directly to our year end awards. 

Remember we take a break in July and then come back with another night show on August 5.  Everyone have a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!
Ride safe and be healthy.