2021 Missionview Saddle Club
2 Day Gymkhana

Pima County Fairgrounds
April 24 & 25, 2021

SAVE THE DATE-Welcome to Missionview Saddle Club’s two day State Show.  The gymkhana will once again be held at the Pima County Fairgrounds during the last weekend of the Pima County Fair, April 23 & 24, 2022.  Age groups will be as follows: Buckaroo(Lead line), 10 & Under( definitive), with the other age groups being determined the week before the show.  The number of riders will determine the number of age groups, with a maximum of the Buckaroo, 10 & Under and 4 additional age groups.  There must be 15 riders in an age group for a saddle to be given, this includes the 10 & Under.  Cash and prizes will be paid out for each event and age group, with high point and runner up winners in each age group each day.  The number of riders in each age group will determine the number of places in an age group.  For every 3 riders one place will be paid up to 5th place. The Buckaroos will be limited to a total of 15 riders. Please help us and submit your entries before the deadline as age groups will not be changed once set.  

***Raffles and Pot of Gold Each Day***

$100 Entry Fee Per Rider - $50 For One Day Entry (Entry Deadline is April 12th - $10 late fee)


Any rider who turns in $150 in advertising will have his/her entry fee waived.    All sponsors ads will be in a program for contestants. Deadline for ads is April 12th.  Ads can be hard copy or be emailed to brynfox.bf@gmail.com.  Emails must be titled with riders name and the amount paid for the ad.  Monies must be mailed with entry.  If you need assistance contact Bryn Fox 520-909-3197.  Remember we also need donations for our raffle. 

****More Sponsors=More Payout****

2019 Missionview Saddle Club Winners

10 & Under

1st- Lillian Castro 38 pts

2nd- Layla Badertscher  28 pts

3rd- Faida Odenwald  22 pts

4th- Olivia Guidera  15 pts


1st- Alyssa Yazzie  35 pts

2nd- Rhiannon Wilson  25 pts

3rd- Kaitlyn Silveira- 24 pts

4th- Aubree Hoerning  21 pts


1st- Riley Hurt  35 pts

2nd- Bridget Callaghan  35 pts

3rd- Andrea Wagner  26 pts

4th- Audra Gardner  20 pts

5th- Caulina McNabb  18 pts

26 & Over

1st- Bryn Fox (DeeDee)  31 pts

2nd- Lance Henry and Bryn Fox (Voodoo)  28 pts


4th- Bryn Fox (Honey)  22 pts

5th- Leslie Peterson  21 pts